Luida Pte. Ltd.


Luida is a game development company founded in 2011.
Luida focuses on product development for the web and mobile device.
Our development and execution teams ensure that products are customized to each clients requirement, whilst our planning and creative teams provide that extra edge which comes from experience working with multiple brands.

As In-house development, we are developing games for mobile device that we aim everyone from every country can have a great fun.

Our team is ready to serve your needs quickly and efficiently through content, creativity and technical expertise.

Luida Pte. Ltd.
71 Robinson-Rd #13-141
Singapore A068895

+65 9756 3072


  • NHK gogaku

    NHK GOGAKU (Language Education) Language Workshop

    NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

    iOS, Android
    Sep. 2015

  • NHK gogaku

    NHK GOGAKU (Language Education)

    NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


  • Japan Times

    English Petit Sentence

    Japan Times

    Nov. 2012

  • C Channel


    C Channel Corporation

    Arp. 2015